Medical Education Consulting

Mayo Clinic Academic Solutions seeks to advance the science of education by sharing Mayo Clinic’s medical education knowledge and best practices globally through our robust consulting solutions. We will support you in transforming the way you educate, train, and deliver medical care. You will gain knowledge that opens doors, training that saves lives, and innovation that unlocks answers. Explore our services to better understand how our team can help your institution reach your education, learning, and teaching goals.



Academic Culture

We provide leadership, team-based medicine and quality improvement education and training along with advisory services to cultivate collaborative care delivery and develop strong physician leaders.

Faculty and Curriculum Development

We offer a full suite of offerings to help set up medical education programs from the development of student curriculum to faculty training.

Accreditation and Program Development/Optimization

We deliver end-to-end medical education consulting support for strategy, implementation, accreditation, and execution of new medical schools, residencies, simulation centers or other graduate medical programs.

Academic Administration and Integration

We work with institutions seeking to learn more about our unique, three-shield approach to patient care, scientific discovery, and medical education.

Academic Enhancements

We create customized solutions and access to administrative and faculty subject matter experts in numerous clinical and academic fields to fit your needs.

Academic Approaches to Clinical Practice

We help institutions seeking to apply scientific and academic approaches to clinical practice to improve patient outcomes.


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