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Faculty and Curriculum Development

Faculty development is a process through which educators acquire, reinforce and advance the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to meet the diverse and evolving needs of students and trainees. Faculty development supports Mayo Clinic’s fundamental value of “the needs of the patient come first” and helps to advance the practice and improve patient care. We invite organizations across the globe to learn with us to better inspire, develop, recognize, and support educators and better prepare learners to advance science, meet their patients’ needs, and serve as transformative leaders.

With over 150 years of experience teaching, training and leading in healthcare, we understand what it takes to turn world-class clinicians into world-class educators. We provide education and training materials institutions need to prepare tomorrow’s physicians for the future.




Fundamentals for Medical Educators

Fundamentals for Medical Educators (Fun4Me) is a 4-hour asynchronous, online course, designed for healthcare professionals new to education, and those with some experience who are looking to hone their skills, reinforce best practices and learn new strategies within health professions education and assessment. Topics in this course include teaching, feedback, supporting the learner, learning environment and supervision. This course is offered as an independent course for individual learners or as an institutional cohort model that is co-facilitated by Mayo Clinic faculty.

SIX Pack Facilitator Bundles

Succinct, In-person, eXpandable faculty development resources that are designed to be standalone bundles of content that can be delivered to your team of educators. All you need is a facilitator, a location, and we'll handle the rest! Train the Trainer is required prior to the purchase of any SIX Pack.

Each SIX Pack contains:

  • Specific and relevant learning objectives
  • A facilitator guide to provide necessary foundation and framework
  • Customizable PowerPoint slides
  • Activities with clear instructions to reinforce and practice concepts
  • Articles and resources
  • Evaluation tools to provide feedback on content and delivery
    Current SIX Pack offerings: 

    • Active Learning for Individual and Small Groups
    • Active Learning for Large Groups
    • What’s in a Hand Off? Teaching Safe, Effective Transitions of Care
    • Active Learning- Digital Classroom
    • Beefing Up Written Evaluations
    • Creating a Positive Learning Environment
    • Curriculum Mapping 101
    • Elaboration and Reflection Strategies
    • How to Solicit Feedback and Maximize Outcomes
    • Immediate Feedback in MedEd – Formative Assessment When You Need it Most
    • Interleaving and Space Practice
    • Introduction to Asking Effective Questions
    • Learner Centered Verbal Feedback
    • Overview of Active Learning
    • Overview of The Science of Learning
    • Science of Learning- Retrieval Practice
    • Shaking Up Lectures
    • Unconscious Bias
    • Upstander Training in Medical Education
    • ...and more being created regularly 

    Mayo Clinic Faculty Development Toolbox

    Every other month, receive institutional access to new faculty develop resources! The subscription will include access to monthly digital content and resources in the form of Take 5 Videos, Takeaways and/or other valuable, just in time content, for your entire institution. 

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    Train the Trainer Courses will address the needs of faculty development champions who are interested in improving their facilitation skills. Using a combination of pre brief, post brief and co-facilitated group sessions, Mayo Clinic experts will train facilitators in education science techniques and best practices to optimize their approach to faculty development sessions. It is suggested that the participants of the Train the Trainer sessions also serve as faculty development champions and remain engaged in the development of the institutions’ medical educator community.

    Experience includes: 

    • PreBrief Session: Mayo Clinic faculty will meet with co-facilitator to develop facilitation plan for co-facilitated session.
    • Co-Facilitation Session: A Mayo Clinic faculty member will co-facilitate a faculty development session with a faculty development champion at your institution. 
    • PostBrief Session: Mayo Clinic faculty will meet with co-facilitator to devrief on co-facilitated session. 
    • Curriculum: Institutional access to a SIX Pack of your choice.

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    Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Centers are located at Mayo’s campuses in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona; Jacksonville, Florida; and Rochester, Minnesota. The Centers promote intellectual growth and scientific discovery by providing an immersive learning environment in state-of-the-art facilities with world renowned faculty. Our team provides end-to-end consulting solutions that bring new medical education and training programs to life.

    • Faculty training
      • Central line placement
      • Airway management
      • Medical students to residency boot camp
      • Scenario based simulation
      • Custom training package
      • See our program development page for healthcare simulation consultation services.

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    Mayo Clinic has a long tradition of both exemplar and innovative curriculum and education programs; through the provision of easily accessible, highly relevant, and immediately applicable faculty development we strive to support and empower health professions educators nationally and internationally to educate and train the healthcare workforce of the future.

    Heather Billings, PhD

    Senior Associate Consultant, Director of The Office of Faculty Development and Co-Director of the Academy of Educational Excellence

    The Impact

    Case study -

    Case study: Curriculum and Faculty Development

    Overview: A large academic medical center in Asia wanted to elevate the level of teaching and learning happening at the institution.

    Challenge: Faculty were teaching a spectrum of learners from medical students and trainees to allied health and nursing students and realized teaching techniques could be improved and learning provided with more intention.

    Solution: The institution leveraged Mayo Clinic’s Academy of Educational Excellence content and resources to help train their faculty on teaching techniques and best practices. 

    Impact: Digital content, train the trainer sessions and materials have been deployed to academic leaders across service lines to infuse information which enhances faculty teaching of learners.

    Other Services

    Academic Culture

    We provide leadership, team-based medicine and quality improvement education and training along with advisory services to cultivate collaborative care delivery and develop strong physician leaders.

    Faculty and Curriculum Development

    We offer a full suite of offerings to help set up medical education programs from the development of student curriculum to faculty training.

    Academic Administration and Integration

    We work with institutions seeking to learn more about our unique, three-shield approach to patient care, scientific discovery, and medical education.

    Academic Enhancements

    We create customized solutions and access to administrative and faculty subject matter experts in numerous clinical and academic fields, we can provide customized solutions to fit your needs.

    Academic Approaches to Clinical Practice

    We help institutions seeking to apply scientific and academic approaches to clinical practice to improve patient outcomes.


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